IUTT offers you the perfect balance between futsal and having fun! This 3-day student futsal tournament, in the lovely city of Eindhoven, will take place at the Students Sports Centre from on Ascension Day, the 30th of May until the 1st of June 2019. IUTT stands for high level matches and unforgettable parties. Our tournament provides you with the following:

Tournament Info

About the tournament
IUTT offers you the perfect balance between futsal and having fun. The tournament only costs €70,- per participant for three days. Coaches who do not play matches enjoy a reduced fee of €45,- for three days.

These costs include:

  • Three days of participation
  • Sleeping accommodation at the IUTT campsite*
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner, drinks
  • Free participation at all activities
  • Pubcrawl drinking bracelet (one free drink per pub)
  • Official IUTT Goodie Bag
  • One parking ticket per team

*please bring your own sleeping equipment!

Theme 2018
This years’ theme is “funfair”! Not only will we strive to keep our games fun and fair again. We will have many activities that you would normally find at a funfair as well. Therefore, participants will not only be able to take shots on goal during the matches, but will be able to take a shot at classic funfair games, like claw machines too. Moreover, one will be able to satisfy one’s needs with popcorn and cotton candy.

Important information

  • During IUTT the wristband must be worn at all times since it gives you access to all facilities and will be used during the pub crawl
  • Please read the information brochure carefully. All necessary information will be provided to you in this way.


Wednesday 29 May
18:00 Check in at Student Sports Center desk
21:00 Opening party at Student Sports Center
Thursday 30 May
09:00 Opening at Hal 1 – Student Sports Center
09:30 Team Captain Meeting
10:00 Start Tournament – Day 1
18:00 End Tournament – Day 1
18:00-20:00 Dinner
20:00-21:00 Start of Pub Crawl – Meeting Point Student Sports center
Friday 31 May
10:00 Start Tournament – Day 2
18:00 End Tournament – Day 2
18:00-20:00 Dinner
19:00-00:00 Fun Fair Party: Campsite Student Sports Center
Saturday 1 June
10:00 Start Tournament – Day 3
16:00 End Tournament – Day 3
After last match Prize Ceremony
17:00 End of Tournament!
Match Schedule

You can view all match schedules here on Playpass!

The finals on Day 3 are set up like this. Throughout this day this schedule will be updated.

Men Teams 2018
Team Name City Country
E.S.Z.V.V. Totelos 1 Eindhoven Netherlands
E.S.Z.V.V. Totelos 2 Eindhoven Netherlands
E.S.Z.V.V. Totelos 3 Eindhoven Netherlands
E.S.Z.V.V. Totelos 4 Eindhoven Netherlands
Futsal Hamburg 1 Hamburg Germany
Futsal Hamburg 2 Hamburg Germany
Futsal Panthers Cologne Cologne Germany
Los Crevardos Pantin France
Sheytan Bremen 32 Bremen Germany
A Medve Lava Eindhoven Netherlands
TSG Bretzenheim  Bretzenheim Germany
UFC Münster – Classics Münster Germany
UFC Münster – Men 1 Münster Germany
UFC Münster – Men 2 Münster Germany
Universität Bremen Bremen Germany
University Cergy Pontoise Cergy-Pontoise France
University Rostock Rostock Germany
V.V. Drienerlo – Bazen Twente Netherlands
V.V. Drienerlo – Legends Twente Netherlands
Women Teams 2018
Team Name City Country
E.S.Z.V.V. Totelos 1 Eindhoven Netherlands
E.S.Z.V.V. Totelos 2 Eindhoven Netherlands
Futsal Panthers Cologne Cologne Germany
Rahlstedter SC Rahlstedter Germany
R.K.S.V. Nuenen Nuenen Netherlands
Rostocker FC & Friends  Rostock Germany
UFC Münster Ladies  Münster Germany
University of Würzburg Würzburg Germany



Hello! I am Tim and for the third time in a row I will be in the IUTT committee, this time as chairman. I have started playing for Totelos four years ago, which has been one of my best decisions! I have recently finished my study biomedical engineering, which gives me a lot of time to make sure that all preparation will be made for an amazing IUTT 2018. As chairman I will make sure that every member of the committee is on track and stays positive, to make sure that this year will be better than ever before! I hope everyone will have a great tournament!

Position inside the lines: Defender
Good at: 1-on-1 defense, passing
Less good at: Staying calm

Tim van den Boom


I am 22 years old and a first year’s master student at the department of Biomedical Engineering at the TU/e. Since the start of my life as a student in 2013, I have been playing for Totelos. My current team is Totelos ladies 1 and our highest achievements were reaching the semifinals in the national futsal cup for ladies, taking the regional cup 3 times in a row and of course becoming champions of the regional league in 2017. Most of you might know me from last year’s edition as chairman of IUTT 2017. This year my goal is to get as many teams as possible to our wonderful tournament as secretary. Of course my priority is to keep all of you satisfied with lots of handy information. I am excited to work with this new team of awesome people and I am sure we can make this year’s IUTT even more epic than before!

Position inside the lines:  Defender
Good at:  Passing, keeping my head cool
Less Good at:  Tricks

Izy Janssens


Hi! I’m Sietse Romijn and I am a 22 year old Computer Science and Engineering student at the TU/e. This is my first year at Totelos and for this year’s IUTT edition I will keep my eye on the money, since I am the treasurer. I am really looking forward to meeting all of you and ensuring that IUTT 2018 will be a great succes. Troughout the year I enjoy playing a lot of futsal, which I try to do almost every day of the week. I hope you will enoy IUTT 2018, as much as I will and until then!

Position inside the lines: Defender
Good at: Running
Less good at:  Staying on my feet

Sietse Romijn

Social Media and Food

Hey everyone! I’m Thomas and 20 years old. After not having played football for years, I joined Totelos this academic year. Even though it’s only been a year I enjoy my time with them a lot already. At IUTT I have two widely, different responsibilities. Firstly, I will manage the multimedia of the tournament. Meaning that I’m in charge of our site, promotional material and social media. Secondly, during the tournament I will provide all attendants with food and drinks. Combining these two functions will take some creativity, but luckily I am an Industrial Designer and have plenty of that up my sleeve. So, if anything on our social media is unclear or your food is not to your liking during the tournament, approach me for help! Hope to see you at IUTT!

Position: Goalkeeper
Good at: Stopping penalties, staying calm
Less good at: Long passes, unfair play

Thomas Pilaet

Day Committee

Hi, my name is Gijs Liefrink and I’m 22 years old. I study in Eindhoven for my third year now and this year I started with the study Industrial Engineering at Fontys University. I’m new at Totelos and very excited to be part of the day committee for IUTT. Bas and me (together) will do our best to give you the opportunity to show your potential on the field. We make the schedules and we will answer all the questions you have about the football part of the tournament.

Position inside the lines: Defender
Good at: Positive coaching, tactics
Less good at: Finishing

Gijs Liefrink

Day Committee

Hee! I’m Bas Bonekamp, 22 years old and about to start my master in Operations Management at the TU/e. I have played field soccer since the age of seven and I recently joined Totelos to combine fun and futsal! In my opinion, the Totelos community perfectly represents where IUTT 2018 stands for: fun outside the field, fairness and results inside the lines. As day commissioners, Gijs and I are responsible for setting up the match schedules, arranging facilities and other daily operations. I’m really looking forward to the event and hope to see you all in the second weekend of May!

Position inside the lines: Defender
Good at: Passing, overview, calmness
Less good at: Strenght, left foot, scoring power (My namesake “Bony” stole it all from me)

Bas Bonekamp

Party & Activity

Hi guys! My name is Norah and I am co-responsible for all the parties and activities during IUTT this year. Three years ago I moved to Eindhoven to start my PhD in the Applied Physics department of the TU/e. I joined Totelos the same year and have since then enjoyed every second of it. I have attended IUTT for a couple of years now, and it has always been a great tournament. This year I’d like to take the challenge to make the tournament even more amazing! My job is to make sure you guys don’t get bored on the camping and most importantly, not to go to bed sober. I can’t wait to see you all at IUTT!

Position inside the lines: Defender
Good at: Passing, tactical play
Less good at:  Playing under pressure

Norah Hornsveld

Party & Activity

My name is Yoshka Plu, 20 years old, and I am one of the Party&Activity commissioners. I live in Eindhoven and study Industrial Engineering. From the moment I moved to Eindhoven I joined Totelos, where during matches I play in an attacking position and try to make as many assists and goals as possible! Together with my teammates and all the other members of Totelos, we like to play futsal of high quality and give parties of high quality! Hopefully you will enjoy the parties we organize as well, see you all soon!

Position inside the lines: Attacker
Good at: Assists
Less good at: Losing and shooting fiercely

Yoshka Plu


We have created a Facebook album where you can find all the photos of previous editions! You can also find schedules and other information on our page. Make sure you like the page and attend the event!


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