IUTT offers you the perfect balance between futsal and having fun! This 3-day student futsal tournament, in the lovely city of Eindhoven, will take place at the Students Sports Centre on Ascension Day, the 21st of May until the 23rd of May 2020. IUTT stands for high level matches and unforgettable parties. Our tournament provides you with the following:

Tournament Info

About the tournament
IUTT offers you the perfect balance between futsal and having fun. The tournament only costs €70,- per participant for three days. Coaches who do not play matches enjoy a reduced fee of €45,- for three days.

These costs include:

  • Three days of participation
  • Sleeping accommodation at the IUTT campsite*
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner, drinks
  • Free participation at all activities
  • Pubcrawl drinking bracelet (one free drink per pub)
  • Official IUTT Goodie Bag
  • One parking ticket per team

*please bring your own sleeping equipment!

Theme 2019
This year’s theme is “Hakuna Ma’futsal”! The theme is derived form the quote “Hakuna Matata” that is often used in the movie “The Lion King”. Hakuna Matata means “no worries” in Swahili. In this case it is all about futsal but we also want you to relax and have fun! There will be many side activities in which you can participate. Just sit back and relax and have an awesome tournament together with your friends!

Important information

  • During IUTT the wristband must be worn at all times since it gives you access to all facilities and will be used during the pub crawl
  • Please read the information brochure carefully. All necessary information will be provided to you in this way.


Wednesday 29 May
18:00 Check in at Student Sports Center desk
21:00 Opening party at Student Sports Center
Thursday 30 May
09:15 Team Captain Meeting
10:00 Start Tournament – Day 1
18:00 End Tournament – Day 1
18:00-20:00 Dinner
20:00-21:00 Start of Pub Crawl – Meeting Point Student Sports center
Friday 31 May
10:00 Start Tournament – Day 2
18:00 End Tournament – Day 2
18:00-20:00 Dinner
19:00-00:00 Party: Campsite Student Sports Center
Saturday 1 June
09:20 Start Tournament – Day 3
16:00 End Tournament – Day 3
After last match Prize Ceremony
17:00 End of Tournament!
Match Schedule

You can view all match schedules here!

Men Teams 2019
Team Name City Country
E.S.Z.V.V. Totelos 1 Eindhoven Netherlands
E.S.Z.V.V. Totelos 2 Eindhoven Netherlands
E.S.Z.V.V. Totelos 3 Eindhoven Netherlands
E.S.Z.V.V. Totelos 4 Eindhoven Netherlands
TOB Eindhoven Netherlands
V.V. Drienerlo – Legends Twente Netherlands
Los Crevardos Pantin France
University of Cergy Pontoise 1 Cergy Pontoise France
University of Cergy Pontoise 2 Cergy Pontoise France
Futsal Hamburg 1 Hamburg Germany
Futsal Hamburg 2 Hamburg Germany
Futsal Falken Oldenburg Oldenburg Germany
Futsal Panthers Cologne Cologne Germany
PTSK Kiel Kiel Germany
Rostock University Rostock Germany
TSG Mainz-Bretzenheim Mainz Germany
University Futsal Bremen Bremen Germany
UFC Münster 1 Münster Germany
Women Teams 2019
Team Name City Country
E.S.Z.V.V. Totelos 1 Eindhoven Netherlands
E.S.Z.V.V. Totelos 2 Eindhoven Netherlands
R.K.S.V. Nuenen Nuenen Netherlands
Reims Metropole Futsal Reims France
Futsal Panthers Cologne Cologne Germany
UFC Münster Münster Germany
Futsal Olympique Basel Basel Switzerland



My name is Senna, 22 years old and the chairman for coming edition of IUTT. Currently I’m studying the master Operations, Management and Logistics at the TU/e. I joined E.S.Z.V.V. Totelos in 2014, and participated every IUTT tournament since then. Last year, we even won the tournament. Since no higher achievement is possible, I decided to become a member of the IUTT committee for the coming edition! I will look at every aspect of the tournament from a helicopter-view en make sure the picture looks perfect. Just like you guys 😉

Position inside the lines: Defender
Good at: Shouting at my team members
Less good at: One-on-one situations

Senna Kloosterman


Hello! My name is Jelle Elenbaas and I’m a 22 year old mechanical engineering student at Fontys University. This is my second year at E.S.Z.V.V. Totelos where I mostly play as a defender. Last year I attended I.U.T.T. myself and it was awesome! This year I decided I wanted to help in the organisation. As secretary I’m responsible for all contact between the teams and the committee. I want to help everybody as good as possible. Outside of Totelos and college I work in the café of the city’s theatre. I hope everybody has a good time at I.U.T.T. and comes back next year!

Position inside the lines:  Defender
Good at:  Shooting in my own goal
Less Good at:  Scoring

Jelle Elenbaas


Hi! I’m Sam and I’m a 22-year-old pre-Master Data Science in Engineering student at the TU/e. I joined Totelos just this year and since then my love for futsal has been ever growing. Due to the free time I have as a pre-Master student I decided to join the IUTT committee. As this years’ treasurer my job is to watch where the money goes and to ensure all needs are met during the tournament. I can’t wait to meet all of you and to make this years’ edition of IUTT extra special!

Position inside the lines: Attacker
Good at: Making a play and then not score
Less good at:  One-on-one defending

Sam Smetsers


Hey everyone!
My name is Yang-Fen and I am 21 years old. I am a third year IT & Media Design student at Fontys University and this is my first year at Totelos. I really enjoy being part of Totelos; besides the trainings and matches, there are lots of fun side activities! To become even more involved, I decided to be part of the IUTT committee of 2019. For this year’s IUTT edition I will be responsible for the multimedia part. This means I am in charge for everything that needs to be designed (e.g. logo, banners) but I also keep our website up to date and post messages on our social media channels. I hope you will like it! If you have any questions (related to multimedia), don’t hesitate to contact me.

I hope to see you at IUTT 2019!

Position: Attacker
Good at: Being fast
Less good at: Tricks

Yang-Fen Harmsen

Day Committee

Hi! I am Rogier Steenhof and 21 years old. This is my fourth year as a student Electrical Engineering and I am hoping to finish my bachelor this year. I played field football since I was 4 and last year I switched to futsal and joined Totelos. Last year I didn’t participate at IUTT and this year I will probably of more value in the comittee than on the field. Together with Suzanne, we form the day comittee this year. We will be responsible for the schedules, facilities and everything related to the matches. I am looking forward to see you all and hope you will enjoy IUTT!

Position inside the lines: Attacker
Good at: Keeping calm, not complaining to the ref
Less good at: One on one attacking

Rogier Steenhof

Day Committee

My name is Suzanne and I´m 24 years old. I finished my study and now I’m working at a radiology department of a hospital. Hope you don’t visit this part during IUTT. After playing at IUTT for a couple of years I wanted to help with the organisation for this year. Together with Rogier I am part of the day committee. Last editions I had so much fun with playing at IUTT. Now it’s time to sit on the other side and create a great tournament for you.

Position inside the lines: Attacker
Good at: Keeping calm and give the assist
Less good at: Standing in the wall when there is a free kick

Suzanne Leestemaker

Party & Activity

Hi! I’m Maurice, 22 years old, and I am one of the Party&Activity commissioners this year. I recently started graduating in Architecture & Urbanism, but in the meantime I still want to contribute to this great tournament. I have been playing at Totelos for 5 years and I have participated on 2 IUTT tournaments before, but during these past tournaments I realized that I am better off outside the lines during tournaments. Therefore, I decided to leave my futsal boots at home this year, and to join the IUTT committee. Together with Daan, I will do everything possible to make sure that you will enjoy all the (late-night) activities and parties that IUTT has to offer! Hope to see you at IUTT!

Position inside the lines: Attacker
Good at: Pretending to be skillful
Less good at:  Playing futsal when hungover

Maurice Goossens

Party & Activity

Hi! My name is Daan van de Ven and I’m a 21-year-old industrial engineering student at Fontys University. After many years of playing field football, I decided to join Totelos at the start of the year. Because I like organizing and being part of a fun community, I wanted to get more involved. And what better way than to join the IUTT committee. Together with Maurice, I am one of the Party&Activity commissioners. And I will try my best to make sure that you enjoy every party and activity. I hope to see you all there and make this year’s edition of IUTT a lot of fun!

Position inside the lines:  Attacker
Good at:  Being consistently inconsistent
Less good at:  Positioning

Daan van de Ven


Hello everyone! I am Tygo and 19 years old. I am currently a second year bachelor student in Eindhoven. At the age of 5 I started playing football and currently I play with my friends in the so called “Kelderklasse” in my hometown. Apart from field football, I joined Totelos last summer, which is a combination of fun and futsal. At IUTT I am responsible for breakfast, lunch and diner. So come to me with questions regarding your food and drinks. See you at IUTT!

Position: Striker
Good at: Finishing, first touches
Less good at: Switching to defence

Tygo Hendricx


We have created a Facebook album where you can find all the photos of previous editions! You can also find schedules and other information on our page. Make sure you like the page and attend the event!


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