IUTT offers you the perfect balance between futsal and having fun! This 3-day student futsal tournament, in the lovely city of Eindhoven, will take place at the Students Sports Centre from the 25th until the 27th of May 2017. IUTT stands for high level matches and unforgettable parties. Our tournament provides you with the following:

Tournament Info

About the tournament
IUTT offers you the perfect balance between futsal and having fun. The tournament only costs €70,- per participant for three days. Coaches who do not play matches enjoy a reduced fee of €45,- for three days.

These costs include:

  • Three days of participation
  • Sleeping accommodation at the IUTT campsite*
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner, drinks included
  • Free participation at all activities
  • Pub Crawl drinking card (one free drink per pub)
  • Official IUTT Goodie Bag
  • One parking ticket per team

*please bring your own sleep supplies!

This years’ theme is “Outside the Lines”! Of course, the largest part of IUTT will find place inside the lines, but the part “Outside the Lines” will be filled with lots of exciting activities. Just not to forget that IUTT is not all about futsal. Let’s enjoy the moment of so many different countries being together these three days. A memory to hold on to for life.

Important information

  • During IUTT the wristband must be worn at all times since it gives you access to all facilities
  • Please read the information brochure carefully. All necessary information will be provided to you in this way.


Wednesday 24 May
18:00 Check in at Student Sports Center desk
21:00 Opening party Cafe ‘t Lempke
Thursday 25 May
09:00 Opening at Hal 1 – Student Sports Center
09:30 Team Captain Meeting
10:00 Start Tournament – Day 1
18:00 End Tournament – Day 1
18:00-20:00 Dinner
20:00-21:00 Start of Pub Crawl – Meeting Point Student Sports center
Friday 26 May
10:00 Start Tournament – Day 2
18:00 End Tournament – Day 2
18:00-20:00 Dinner
19:00-00:00 Outside the Lines Party: Campsite Student Sports Center
Saturday 27 May
10:00 Start Tournament – Day 3
16:00 End Tournament – Day 3
After last match Prize Ceremony
17:00 End of Tournament!
Male Teams
Team Name University Country
Totelos 1 Eindhoven University of Technology The Netherlands
Totelos 2 Eindhoven University of Technology The Netherlands
Totelos 3 Eindhoven University of Technology The Netherlands
Los Crevardos IPEO France
UFC Münster University of Muenster Germany
Futsal Hamburg 1 Hamburg Germany
Futsal Hamburg 2 Hamburg Germany
V.V. Drienerlo – Legends Universiteit Twente The Netherlands
V.V. Drienerlo – Bazen Universiteit Twente The Netherlands
Uni Bremen Universität Bremen Germany
Evry Diamant Futsal Men Université Évry-Val-d’Essonne France
TSG 1846 Bretzenheim Mainz Germany
The Flying Dutchmen Katholieke Universiteit Leuven Belgium
A Medve Laza Eindhoven University of Technology Eindhoven
Hochschulsport Universität Rostock Universität Rostock Germany
Futebol de Salao Bremen Bremen Germany
Female Teams
Team Name University Country
Totelos Ladies 1 Eindhoven University of Technology The Netherlands
Totelos Ladies 2 Eindhoven University of Technology The Netherlands
Rostocker FC & Friends Rostock University Germany
UFC Muenster Ladies 1 University of Muenster Germany
UFC Muenster Ladies 2 University of Muenster Germany
Le Cruesot Ladies 1 Université de Bourgogne France
Le Creusot Ladies 2 Université de Bourgogne France
Evry Diamant Futsal Ladies Université Évry-Val-d’Essonne France
R.K.S.V. Nuenen Nuenen The Netherlands



I’m a Medical Sciences & Technology student at the TU/e for 4 years now and I’ve been playing at Totelos the same amount of years. When I’m not studying I like to keep myself busy with going to parties, chilling with friends and going on holidays. Being a chairwoman of IUTT is a challenging and responsible task, where I can learn a lot from. Organizing an epic IUTT 2017 was one of my priorities. But, most important is keeping my committee enthusiastic and making sure that everyone has fun during our meetings.

Position inside the lines: Defender
Good at: Staying calm, giving tight passes
Less good at: Tricks

Izy Janssens


Hey! I’m Melissa Grunewald, 25 years old. As I think it’s nice to be in contact with different people all over the world, I’m the secretary of IUTT 2017! I think it’s a great opportunity as well to become better in English. Last but certainly not least: I like getting to know a lot of new people who are also interested in the beautiful sport of futsal!

Position inside the lines: Attacker
Good at: Tricks (and when not to do them)
Less Good at: Playing under pressure

Melissa Grunewald


Hi all! My name is Frenk Cleven and I am 21 years old. This year, I will be keeping my eye on the cash, as I’m the treasurer of IUTT 2017! Outside the lines I’m a student Applied Physics and Automotive Technology but inside the lines I’m a goalie. In both situations I treat problems equally: a hands-on approach. If everyone makes sure their payments are done in time, I’m sure this edition of IUTT will once more be an experience you will never forget.

Position inside the lines: Goalkeeper
Good at: Financial Fair Play
Less good at: Things that require stamina

Frenk Cleven

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Hi! I’m Boaz, 19 years old and this is my first year at Totelos. During IUTT 2017 I will be providing the food, drinks and snacks to all the players and volunteers.
Inside the lines I am a striker at the Totelos N5 team, outside the lines I am an Electrical Engineering student. This is my first year organising IUTT and, with every positive story I heard, I am really looking forward to the 2017 edition! We as the comittee are ready to make it an unforgettable experience again, are you ready too?

Position inside the lines: Striker
Good at: Countering
Less good at: Tricks

Boaz Kalkhoven

Day Committee

Hi, my name is Nina van Esbroeck! In 2013 I moved to Eindhoven to study Applied Physics at the TU/e. I joined Totelos the same year and have since then enjoyed every second of it. Totelos is about passionate futsal matches, crazy parties, fun activities and most importantly the amazing Totelos community. With the same lovely people I now get the opportunity to organize IUTT 2017. As a member of the day committee I am responsible for the match schedules. We will do our utmost best to make sure that every team plays a large number of matches, all matches take place in time and that the match schedule is clear for everyone. I can’t wait to see you all at IUTT!

Position inside the lines: Striker
Good at: Tricks, nutmegs
Less good at: Staying on my feet

Nina van Esbroeck

Day Committee

Hello! I am Tim and together with Nina we will be responsible for all the matches during the tournament. We will keep track of all the results on the field, make the schedules for all the matches and make sure everyone is playing fairly. This will be my second time organizing IUTT and I am really looking forward to this amazing 3 day event. The tournament will also be on my birthday! With this all new committee I am sure this tournament will be fantastic!

Position inside the lines: Defender
Good at: 1-on-1 defense, passing
Less good at: Tricks, keeping my head cool

Tim van den Boom

Party & Activity

My name is Yvonne de Kinkelder, 24 years old, and I’m one of the night owls of Party & Activity. I work at the Student Sports Center Eindhoven and have been playing futsal at Totelos for three years now. Inside the lines I’m a true striker with just a single goal: scoring! Outside the lines I’m all about partying and having fun. This is the reason why I’m co-responsible for the parties this year. We have made some changes this year, which will make sure the tournament is going to be lots of fun. Together with my night owl Lotte, I am going to show you what Eindhoven’s nightlife is about! As the saying goes: “Eindhoven the craziest!”. I’m looking forward to seeing you all this edition!

Position inside the lines: Striker
Good at: Dribbling, nutmegs and scoring
Less good at: Sitting on the bench, defending

Yvonne de Kinkelder

Party & Activity

My name is Lotte Kim, I am 19 years old and also part of the Night owls team, whom  are responsible for the party’s and the activities. This is my first year at Totelos and I am enjoying every second of it! Inside the Lines you will see me sprint to every corner of the field, try to attempt to stop the ball. Outside the Lines I like to connect with people and make new friends. I’m looking forward to meeting all of you!

Position inside the lines: Defender
Good at: Sprinting
Less good at: Scoring

Lotte Kim


We have created a Facebook album where you can find all the photos of this year’s edition! You can also find schedules and other information on our page. Make sure you like the page and attend the event!


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