Social Media and Food

Hey everyone! I’m Thomas and 20 years old. After not having played football for years, I joined Totelos this academic year. Even though it’s only been a year I enjoy my time with them a lot already. At IUTT I have two widely, different responsibilities. Firstly, I will manage the multimedia of the tournament. Meaning that I’m in charge of our site, promotional material and social media. Secondly, during the tournament I will provide all attendants with food and drinks. Combining these two functions will take some creativity, but luckily I am an Industrial Designer and have plenty of that up my sleeve. So, if anything on our social media is unclear or your food is not to your liking during the tournament, approach me for help! Hope to see you at IUTT!

Position: Goalkeeper
Good at: Stopping penalties, staying calm
Less good at: Long passes, unfair play